USTA Team Tennis

USTA Team Tennis is a program for boys and girls, ages 8 to 18, who want to get experience or improve their match play.  Teams are comprised of players of similar age and skill.  Teams compete against others from the same geographic region in one of the following league divisions: 10 & under beginner or intermediate, 12 & under intermediate or advanced, 14 & under intermediate or advanced, and 18 & under intermediate or advanced.  Matches are held Saturdays or Sundays; cost is $17 per player.  

Practices are held on Fridays; cost per 90 minute practice is $20.00 per Junior.  JTT practice schedule will correspond with the match seasons.  For more information, please contact the Front Desk at (248) 332-9221.

There are three 6-week seasons:  Season I begins in October, Season II in January and Season III in March.  If you have interest in one of these teams, please inquire several weeks prior to the season start date to reserve your spot.  For additional information, please visit and

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